The Little Blue Rat




I sell directly (and accept paypal, checks or money orders as payment).  Or you can visit my Ebay Store or my Etsy Shop

A little about me:

The little blue rat in my profile picture is Lily, she is a reminder of what I had to give up because of my health.  See, a few years ago, I ran Loving Arms Rattery, I had a real passion for what I was doing and things were going good I was ready to go to school to become a Vet.  Then my health took over and I could hardly take care of myself, or my rats, so I closed, and one by one, my friends passed away before my very eyes.  In the end, it was just me and Lily. This shop is in her memory.  And I hope to honor her memory by once again doing something I'm passionate about, creating things, and helping other people live more sustainable lives.  I try to create products I myself would like to buy and use a variety of materials, sometimes I purchase more expensive fabrics that are just absolutely gorgeous, even if the cost is more, sometimes the same old is just that, and you want something you can be a little more proud of.  Keep an eye out for designer prints, vintage ones, and up-cycled ones, and ones combining them in creative ways!